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Brushworks Curl Comb

Brushworks Curl Comb

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A comb to smooth, separate and protect curls from dropping out. Prevent your curls from dropping too quickly with Brushworks Smoothing Curl Comb. Gently comb through your style and keep your gorgeous curls in tact without tugging on the hair. Carefully crafted with extra teeth between the comb to ensure that it glides through the hair smoothly, avoiding pulling or frizz, ultimately creating smoothed out and separated curls without losing their bounce. Featuring a curved handle to fit perfectly into your hand and allow you to lightly brush through the hair with ease. The perfect way to brush out your curls whilst keeping your style safe from instant self-sabotage.

Lightweight & travel friendly

Unique design

Smooths and separates curled hair

Protects curls from frizzing when brushed out

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